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That's all it takes to be a real pro. To develop strong strategy. To create viral videos highlighted by major publications.

Vatelia Media Group has worked with clients such as Asante Samual of the Atlanta Falcons, Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles, Fred Taylor of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Dwane Wade of the Miami heat and seven Grand Slam title winner Venus Williams. We are an independent media and entertainment company that creates stunning visuals for diverse companies and consumers.

Pro Cinematography
Video Editing
Branded Content

Our featured services

Professional Media Editing
Our editing highlights the main event and keeps it in your memories forever.
Professional Cinematography
We are able to accommodate any size of weddings, mitzvahs, sweet 16s, and professional corporate events.
Award Winning
Having worked with major athletes and professionals, we have to mention it!
Live Streaming
We have done hundreds of live streaming events and animations. Book yours now!
Big and Amazing Team
Our team size depends on the size of your event and can venture any video production job you may have in mind, including a movie.
Licensed Drone Operators
Why not see it from a birds eye view? We've got you covered.

Our clients testimonials

I believe people are born with talents that only they can express to the world, and Oriol’s skill at editing is a work of art that far exceeds the industry norm. Additionally, he is also a very talented producer and cinematographer. Oriol was blessed with many talents in life and he always delivers creative work that exceeds all expectations.
Rachel Abrams
Since the day he began, he has really changed our television programs to make them more impactful. He can do anything, go anywhere, and he will “burn the mid-night oil” to get the program or video completed on time. He is never late with a production and it is “never a problem to change anything.” He is excellent in his field of filming, editing, as cinematographer and much more.
Oriol is professional, honest, personable and gifted. His creativity, effort and originality are second to none. Oriol listens to requests adding his artistic eye making each project unique and exceed expectations. Oriol makes doing business with him an absolute joy. I highly recommend him!

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